Miura targets wider market with hollow-bodied IC-602 irons


Miura are out to build on their existing market with new clubs that cast a slightly wider net in terms of player quality.

Miura’s new hollow-bodied, multi-material IC-602 irons are all about inspiring confidence in both the club and the user.

These clubs are not marketed as hitting the ball a mile, nor do they claim enhanced sweet spots or phenomenal forgiveness.

You still get the stripped-down player’s iron, but it all comes back to confidence inspired by the feel of the club in the hand and the sound it makes at contact.

“The feedback we received from our customers regarding the creation of our new hollow body iron, was that they had no expectations about Miura being the longest one around, but rather would be loyal to the brand providing we deliver a sound and feel consistent with our forged models,” said Shinei Miura. “This epiphany allowed my design process on the IC-602 to become laser focused.”

The multi-material construction complicates the process of maintaining feel and sound considerably, and this has required a great deal of tinkering.

The 3 through 9 irons are made of 8620 carbon steel and durable chromium molybdenum.

Miura’s pitching and spacing wedges, meanwhile, are made of S35C steel.

Tungsten weights are placed within hollow-bodied designs to control launch.

In addition, Miura injects a polymer to provide the ideal sound and feel.

The clubs are not entirely devoid of proprietary tech with the company introducing the Miura Versatile Sole touted as offering ideal turf interaction thanks to its combination of bounce angle and sole width.

The centre of gravity has been shifted lower in the long irons for higher flight, and higher in the short irons for a more penetrating trajectory.

Miura has branded the hollow-bodied IC-602 irons their most technologically advanced ever.

This lofty label owes to the incorporation of fitting data insights and an understanding of Face Progression (offset) and impact loft angle being folded into the new offering.

“What impresses me most about the IC-602 is how Shinei merged the legendary, old-world craftsmanship that his family is known for with new advancements in launch technology and materials,” said Hoyt McGarity, CEO of 8am Golf after early testing of the clubs.

“He made his vision a reality and the golfing world is the beneficiary.”

The target market for these clubs remains the better player but they are intended to open Miura up to a larger group of players.