Maxfli® Golf, members of the TaylorMade-addidas stable, have launched two new balls they claim will “deliver colossal distance at a terrific price”.

Maxfli® Golf, a member of the TaylorMade-addidas stable, have launched two new golf balls which they claim will “deliver colossal distance at a terrific price”.
“Our new PowerMAX Distance and PowerMAX Soft Distance golf balls are targeted at the type of player we call the ‘Long Ball Rebel,’ a maverick who loves a bargain, loves golf, and loves to ‘grip it and rip it’ like his favorite player, John Daly,” said Bill Price, the director of Maxfli Golf.
“Both PowerMAX models feature Daly’s image on the box and sleeve, and trade on his image as a big swinger and hard hitter.
“Altogether,” Price added, “PowerMAX’s attitude, distance, great price and association with Daly are bound to make it “trusted ammunition” among the Long Ball Rebel crowd.”
The PowerMAX Distance, say Maxfli, is a two-piece ball comprised of an exceptionally large core and a firm Surlyn cover, which together promote exceptionally high ball speed and a high launch angle for longer carry and distance, and which reduce spin off the driver to help fuel ultra-long tee shots.
PowerMAX Soft Distance also consists of a large core and Surlyn cover.
Its core, however, delivers high energy at a relatively low compression, equaling terrific ball speed and distance without the hard feel that distance-promoting balls are known for.
However, the semi-soft Surlyn cover composition stays on the clubface longer to promote great feel and spin off the irons for increased touch and control, especially around the greens.
The two balls are available now in the USA at TaylorMade’s retail partners at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $14.95 per dozen.
“The PowerMAX balls offer a tremendous bang for the buck in terms of distance and value,” said Price. “And I think you can safely say that finally the Long Ball Rebels of the golf world have a product they can identify with and that they can have fun with launching high and long.”
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