The UK’s Masters Golf Company is set to launch five new club ranges as it continues to grow it’s equipment for the new and improving golfer.

The UK’s Masters Golf Company is set to launch five new models of golf clubs as it continues to grow it’s popular ranges for the new and improving golfer.
For the beginner who might have made a New Year’s resolution to “take up golf” they’ll have the MC-Z310 series that will incorporate two easy to hit hybrids into a a club pack that also includes a driver, three metal woods, a set of irons (5-SW), a putter, bag and headcovers for either £219 or £189.
A set of two hybrids and irons from 5-SW in this series will cost £129.99 and irons only (3-SW) £99.99.
At the other end of the scale The Masters flagship range is the MC-Z8910 series which features a progressive iron set from traditional cavity back to hybrid specifically aimed at those golfers who find difficulty hitting their long irons.
Sets feature two hybrids, two hollow head irons (the 5 and 6), two muscle-back mid-irons ( the 7 and 8) and three cavity-back short irons (9-iron to sand wedge) with either True Temper Steel shafts (£249.99 per set) or Grafalloy Pro Launch graphite shafts (£299.99).
Just below this is the MC-Z710 series featuring clubs with moveable weight technology from £99 for Ti drivers (with concave or traditional hot faces), through £59.99 each for fairway metals, to sets of irons (with two hybrids) priced at £229.99 or £279.99 depending on wether they have steel or graphite shafts.
The moveable weights allow golfers to set up for a draw, fade or a neutral ball flight.
Just another step down is the MC-Z510 series that has been designed for mid to high handicappers at an affordable price.
The driver features a titanium head and internal weighting for draw or a fade, while the broad-soled irons create a low centre of gravity to help get the ball airborne.
A club pack, including driver, three metal woods, two hybrids, irons (5-SW), putter, bag and headcovers, costs £279 in graphite or £239 in steel.
All items in this series may be bought individually, while a set of steel irons only (3-iron to s/w) can be purchased for under £150.
Propping up the new Masters series is their cut-price economy MC-Z110 series that offers the cash-strapped golfer great value in that for as little as £129 you can get a club pack featuring a 450cc driver, three woods, a hybrid, oversized steel irons from 5-SW, and a traditional putter and stand bag.