Lucas Glover raises eyebrows with new broomstick putter from L.A.B

Lucas Glover

Lucas Glover is set to switch the new L.A.B. Golf DF3 broomstick putter into his bag after a brief trial.

He was able to achieve unprecedented success after changing to the L.A.B. Mezz.1 Max broomstick during the 2023 campaign.

The change to a broomstick last term was motivated by a perceived need to overhaul his putting style.

“I needed a whole new idea,” Glover said, after switching to the L.A.B. putter in 2023.

“A whole new brain function. The other one obviously wasn’t working. I’ve been struggling with short putts for so long. Just thought I needed to teach myself to do something else, and it’s been working.”

Glover’s 2023 form on the green has since faded and the former US Open winner has now sought a new spark for his 2024 tilt.

His stats on the green have taken a big hit this season and ahead of THE PLAYERS he was spotted with a new putter in his bag.

He has made changes at either end of his game with an adjustment to his driver as well as the change to his driver shaft.

Glover is replacing his driver shaft with a new Fujikura 2024 Ventus Blue 7X, which may improve his driving statistics.

He is also replacing his putter with a new L.A.B. Golf DF3, which may improve his putting statistics.

Sam Hahn, CEO of L.A.B. Golf, claims that Glover’s new putter is identical to his old one in terms of dimensions: 45 inches, a lie angle of 79.5 degrees, and a total weight of 514 grams.

Glover received the DF3 prototype from L.A.B. Golf earlier this year but only deployed it in competition at THE PLAYERS; it features an aluminium head that has been sandblasted. Hahn explained that normally the putter head would be anodized to help preserve its quality and longevity, but Glover was so impressed with the new construction that he wanted to use it right away.

Glover is reportedly prepared to use the unfinished head for now, but Hahn confirmed that L.A.B are now creating a backup head with an anodized finish.

According to Hahn, the DF3 has somewhat less offset and around 0.5 degrees greater loft than the Mezz.1 Max.

The DF3 features a much broader head profile providing a different appearance and feel at address, even though it weighs the same.

L.A.B are a brand that has set out to corner the elite market, coming in at a premium price point when it comes to their retail options.