Improve focus with Zoned® has announced the launch of Zoned®, a revolutionary new sports product that improves focus during excercise., the UK’s leading online manufacturer and supplier of sports and nutritional supplements, has announced the launch of Zoned® a revolutionary new product for the mind.

An advanced formulation, Zoned®, the company says, “is ideal for those looking to improve their mental focus, concentration and clarity during exercise, competition or disciplined activity.

“By improving communication between the brain and the muscles it can increase exercise intensity and therefore improve results”.

The new product contains a number of key ingredients, say Myprotean, that have been shown to promote focus and clarity in a synergistic formulation that is ideal for athletes who require extra mental focus, in sports such as golf, cricket and bodybuilding.

The powerful blend of ingredients can enhance the production of important chemicals associated with normal brain function, such as Choline, which is vital for improved levels of concentration and clarity of thought.

In addition to this, ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba, L-Tyrosine and DMAE all work synergistically together
and have all been shown to enhance the results above, whilst also improving moods and memory potential.

A number of the ingredients are often recommended to individuals who suffer from cognitive and neurological
disorders as well as those hoping to increase their mental capacity during times of heightened stress, such as
students and business people.
Not only does Zoned® improve clearness of mind and concentration, Myprotean add, it also gives you the potential to improve
the work output of your muscles by improving the speed and quality of connection between the brain and your active muscles.

The active ingredients help your brain signal more efficiently which can result in greater muscle
fibre recruitment and a serious increase in muscular strength.

L-Tyrosine has been included in the formulation to help your body cope with the stresses of intense exercise by elevating mood
and energy levels whilst DMAE serves a similar purpose by increasing focus and concentration during your training session.

The inclusion of Phosphatidylserine helps your body reduce active levels of Cortisol which has been shown
to create a number of detrimental effects on muscle building potential by causing an increased flow of protein away from the muscle.
Vitamin C and Ginkgo Biloba also have strong antioxidant properties which help the body remove free radicals which can have damaging effects on muscle growth and repair.

The recommended retail price is £19.95 (available direct online only at