How the TaylorMade Spider Tour X mallet helped Scottie Scheffler go back-to-back

Scottie Scheffler

It will not be often that a change of putter sparks the remarkable form that Scottie Scheffler has shown since introducing the TaylorMade Spider Tour X mallet to his bag.

Scheffler has been doing the putter hokey-pokey for some time and while some of this is probably down to a mentality it seems the latest change has sharpened up the game of probably the best player in the world right now.

Even an injury couldn’t stop his march to THE PLAYERS title as he doubled up on PGA Tour Signature Events after winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Scheffler has been suffering with neck pain making the job of putting that much harder.

“Looking up to see the line on my putt was pretty difficult,” Scheffler said. “It was hard to hit putts because right when I turned my head to look at the hole my brain’s sending pain signals … to my brain. It’s not easy to focus on making a putt when you’re in pain.

“I figured as long as I could get through the round on Friday, Marnus did a good job kind of getting me going for Saturday. I felt a little bit better, like I said, and then Sunday, today, I felt pretty good overall.”

Scheffler has previously struggled to line up putts as well and his neck injury might have been a killer blow if not for the impact of the Spider Tour X.

“I had tried a Spider during the playoffs last year,” he said. “It was a little bit of a different type of Spider than the one I used last week. At times last year I struggled lining the ball up in the middle of the face, so I lined the ball up on the toe sometimes, and I struggled with a tiny bit of a heel strike, and that was just — you know, just became kind of my miss. Like if I was fighting a duck hook off the tee, I was fighting a little bit of a heel miss with the putter.

“This Spider putter is really easy for me to line up,” he continued. “I don’t have to use the line on the ball. I line the putter up really well, and I line up in the middle of the face, and pretty much as simple as that. Kind of gives me just a really good visual.

“It’s good for me visually, and I like the way the ball comes off the face,” he said, “and so it’s helping me just be more kind of outward with my putting than focusing on what’s going on right here, just focusing on the picture of the putt.”