Have PING really created the ‘best driver ever’? And how much does it cost?


PING have everyone asking if the G430 MAX 10K driver is the best club of its kind ever made.

According to the data the company presents the G430 MAX 10K driver is its highest moment of inertia (MOI), most forgiving and straightest driver to date.

The G430 MAX 10K driver has targeted a really broad cross-section of golfers, and reactions range from mild scepticism to enthusiastic proclamations of the arrival of the messiah of your golf game.

“Our new G430 MAX 10K joins the G430 driver family and earns the distinction of being the most forgiving driver we’ve ever engineered,” said PING CEO and President John K. Solheim.

“The ‘10K’ in the name refers to its record-setting combined MOI that exceeds 10,000 grams per square centimetre.

“It’s a great addition to our G430 driver line, giving golfers another custom-fitting option loaded with innovations.

It has a lot of the proven performance of the G430 MAX driver but differs in several ways from a design standpoint, including a fixed backweight, larger head profile and a Carbonfly Wrap crown – each contributing to the new level of forgiveness.”

The multi-material 460cc head features a fixed tungsten backweight that helps achieve the record-breaking MOI by driving mass down and back, increasing forgiveness and optimising the centre of gravity position, decreasing spin and preserving ball speed across the clubface for extra distance.

The higher backweight (28 grams) is partially offset by a weight reduction of 5 grams from the Carbonfly Wrap crown (13 grams fitted), resulting in a potent mix of accuracy and distance to fulfil the performance demands of all players.

The larger, confidence-inspiring head helps square the player to the target and provides a less muffled, slightly louder sound than the G430 MAX, giving golfers the impression of even more powerful, and rewarding tee strokes.

The G430 driver family’s face technology has been refined by thinning the MAX 10K’s forged T9S+ titanium face.

The shallow face height and variable face thickness (VFT) are optimised for increased flex, resulting in quicker ball speeds.

Spinsistency, a variable face curvature innovation from PING, provides constant spin throughout the whole face, preserving ball speed on mishits for increased distance and accuracy.

How much will the G430 MAX 10K driver cost?

The PING G430 MAX 10K driver has launched with a recommended retail price of $650 or £599.

Golfers looking to get fitted with a G430 MAX 10K should consult Ping.com to find out which retailers stock the club.