Get grooved like the pros

Have your clubs become a little bit old and tired? You need to get those grooves sharpened and start spinning it again.

Let’s be honest – the reason the pros hit the ball with massive backspin is that they’ve got more talent than us and hit the ball more cleanly.
But do the rest of us give ourselves a chance of ripping the ball?
Have you ever taken a look at your clubs recently? A really close look?
I did – and got a bit of a shock!
My grooves weren’t really grooves any more – they were more likes waves across the irons. No wonder even my best shots don’t spin much.
But there is a way of restoring your clubs to their original state.
The Golf Groover is a small steel device that will sharpen your golf club grooves to factory-fresh within minutes.
A little bit of elbow grease (not nearly as much as you’d expect) will breathe new life back into your short game by sharpening the groove edges on your irons.
You’ll regain the spin, control and consistency you enjoyed when your wedges were new.
If you’re feeling negative and think it won’t make much difference ask yourself how much spin the pros would get if they played with a set of beaten-up hired clubs from the local municipal?
Suddenly, improving the condition of your own clubs up makes more sense.
We all know it makes sense to keep the grooves clean so how come we don’t try and maintain the edges?
The Golf Groover will redefine your grooves edges, removing bent over metal and the unique design keeps the clubs legal as it is R&A and PGA compliant.
Made from the hardest steel available it’s an innovative device which is easy to use.
And in the current economic climate, if you can’t afford a new set of irons or wedges, why not take the smart move and simply spruce up the set you’ve already got?
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