Every current tour player to have carried PXG Irons in their bag

PXG 0317 ST irons

It is fairly surprising when PXG irons make their way into a PGA Tour, DP World Tour or LIV golfer’s bag –  but not because their equipment isn’t any good.

PXG irons are typically known for their forgiveness and some have the look of game improvement irons.

Only a handful of professionals use PXG irons, but we shouldn’t draw too many conclusions about the state of their game.

A few players who use PXG irons also used mixed sets with either another brand or another range of irons from PXG.

Jake Knapp, for instance, uses a Srixon 2-iron alongside his use of the PXG 0311 X 4-iron and fills out his bag with PXG 0211 ST clubs from 5-iron to pitching wedge.

Knapp’s PXG 0311X is a forged, hollow-bodied iron but like most PXG clubs they are highly customisable to the individual.

PXG make plenty of products that could be used by the average golfer, but with this brand in particular we would suggest you get fitted to make sure the clubs are customised to your liking.

Eric Cole is the only player on any professional tours that uses the PXG 0317 CB variety and he only uses the 4-iron from this range, filling out his selection with the similar PXG 0317 ST.

The CB on that club denotes that it is a cavity back iron, which certainly looks a lot different to your bog standard PGA Tour irons.

Cole and Joel Dahmen both used the famous PXG milled blades, the 0317 STs which also have a unique aesthetic.

The 0311 and 0317 ranges are aimed at better players. The 0317 irons fall into the advanced players category, while the 0311 range are performance irons.

The PXG 0317 T Irons are the newest addition to their range, but no professionals carry the club in their bag as of yet.

As a hollow-bodied iron, the PXG 0317 T is probably closer to being targeted at game improvement, so it would be a little unusual to see a professional break one out.

The PXG 0311 range is being phased out even if the heads will still be supplied to tour professionals who want to continue using them.

All the PXG irons players currently on tour


Model Players Bag Date
PXG 0311 X Jake Knapp February 2024
PXG 0317 CB Eric Cole March 2024
PXG 0317 ST Eric Cole

Joel Dahmen

March 2024

December 2023

PXG 0311T Gen5 Zach Johnson March 2022
PXG 0211 ST Jake Knapp

Joel Dahmen

February 2024

December 2023

PXG 0311 ST Gen4 Luke List March 2024
PXG 0311T Gen4 Jason Kokrak November 2021