Cobra release limited edition driver inspired by The Masters

Cobra Darkspeed Season Opener

Inspired by the Masters, Cobra have trotted out a new limited edition driver titled the Darkspeed Season Opener.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between the limited edition club and the regular Darkspeed, it is entirely aesthetic.

Green piping on the crown, with green and yellow accents on the sole are meant to evoke Augusta. But the field of azaleas adorning the sole is the more obvious tribute to the Masters venue.

The limited edition look will be available in both the X and LS models of the driver.

The X is designed for the largest variety of golfers, with rear weighting to transfer the CG to the back of the clubhead and a second front weight position to optimise ball flight.

The LS is the low spin type for quicker swingers, with two forward weight ports to raise the CG and a third weight port in rear. It comes with one 12-gram weight and two 3-gram weights.

Maximum forgiveness club, the Max is not available in the limited edition colourscheme.

However, the X is a still among the more forgiving clubs in its category and they are popular with players of varied skill levels.

Although forgiveness isn’t the Darkspeed X’s main selling feature, it delivers outstandingly tight dispersion and good distance.

The Darkspeed clubs are all about taking a goof club and making it great.

“DARKSPEED is the culmination of meticulous attention to detail and precise integration of our most advanced technologies, using space-grade materials and the expertise of aerospace engineers to develop the fastest driver we have ever built,” Cobra said.

“Featuring groundbreaking aerodynamic shaping, the DARKSPEED X Driver allows you to harness extraordinary speed and distance through a more streamlined design.

“A back weight is accompanied by a second forward weight, allowing for additional spin-tuning control.

“A lower and more forward positioning of the suspended PWR-BRIDGE unleashes even faster ball speeds and minimizes spin for improved energy transfer through the ball.

“A 10% larger PWRSHELL L-cup face creates more robust distance, while an updated H.O.T. Face design delivers more efficient speed & spin across the clubface.

“An improved aero shape features a streamlined face to topline radius, a higher crown peak, raised skirt and reduced clubface surface area to maximize speed.

“A refined clubhead shape features an elevated look at address that promotes workability and control wtih added forgiveness.

The LS is best for better players with faster swing speeds seeking maximum speed and workability in a lower launching and lower spinning head.