Cameron Young trialling unusual prototype club at The Players

Cameron Young

Cameron Young is out to solve a great riddle of the Players Stadium Course in Palm Valley with an unusual but undoubtedly logical addition to his bag.

Young is trying out a 2-wood prototype that might never go to mass-market production.

Titleist staffer Young has been spotted trying out the all-new Titleist TSR 2-wood prototype club.

Titleist Tour rep J.J. Van Wezenbeeck has revealed that Young had discussed the possibility of using a two-wood to offer more versatility off the tee and fairway.

“We had some discussion with Cam Young that he was looking for something that was a little more optimized off the tee,” Van Wezenbeeck told

“So, Tom Bennett – who is the principal engineer for our fairway woods and hybrids – spoke with him. He had designed some internal prototypes of 2-woods in the past, and we went through a discussion of what type of volume (size) we would be looking for, what type of loft we would be looking for, and what type of performance.

“(Young) was looking for a certain ball speed and yardage gap from his driver. One of the things for him with the 3-wood is he wanted something with a little more volume that he felt more confident off the tee with, so he was looking for a little bigger footprint and something that was a little bit more penetrating than some of the 3-woods he’s played in the past. This will be a club he’ll hit 90 percent off the tee, versus the ground, so for the golf courses that set up for that, that’s what he’s looking for.”

The immediately visible feature of the prototype club compared to the TSR2 and TSR3 clubs currently on the market is a larger head and club face.

The design is intended to offer an enhanced sweet spot and there are still more custom elements that offer even more control.

“This may or may not ever come to retail,” Van Wezenbeeck said. “It’s a chance for us to learn and put it in future products that may not be exactly this … It has forward and aft CG (center of gravity), similar to our TSR4, and we’re just seeing where that is shaking out, like do players prefer the forward or back CG? What setting are we ending up in?

“We had less than 10 heads this week. We’re truly trying to just learn about this product and who’s it for, and what type of performance variables do we want and need. The great part is this is the first week with it, and we’re getting lots of positive feedback on performance, on sound, on looks. All of those seem to be checking a lot of boxes.”