New Callaway driver impressing the pros now available to the public

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Triple Diamond Max driver

Callaway has revealed their new Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Max driver will be available to the public from June 7.

Nick Yontz, Callaway’s advanced R&D manager, says PGA TOUR players found it to provide a unique combination of speed and forgiveness.

Professionals were given a chance to test the company’s prototype edition last November before getting a hold of the finished product for the Canadian Open.

The Triple Diamond Max sports the same features as the rest of the AI Smoke driver line.

“Players would step up and we had it matched up to their gamer driver specs,” Yontz said. “They would swing, and we saw consistently good ball flights – very stable. It was the word ‘stable’ that continued to be used by players.

“They would continue to split the fairway and what that caused them to do was to start swinging faster. They had this excitement that, ‘This thing doesn’t go offline. I can keep swinging harder and harder and it maintains that straight flight.’

“We were seeing players that would have small gains in ball speed from just the driver head alone, but then the swing speed would increase the more and more swings they made. By the end of it, they really saw meaningful gains in ball speed and distance.”

Wesley Bryan, Kevin Yu and Carl Yuan have taken to using Callaway’s Triple Diamond Max head.

The Triple Diamond and the Max are two current models in Callaway’s lineup, and as the name suggests, they are combined to create the new Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Max driver.

With its 450cc displacement, the Triple Diamond head has been a mainstay on the Tour for a long time.

It offers players a compact head shape, neutral-to-fade bias, reduced spin, better workability, and two replaceable sole weights to assist in fine-tuning spin rates.

In contrast, the Max head boasts a larger 460cc profile designed for forgiveness and distance, as well as adjustable perimeter weighting to aid in shot shape adjustment.

Like the Max head, the new Triple Diamond Max head has a displacement of 460cc, but it shares a head form with the Triple Diamond that is inspired by Tour drivers. Similar to the Triple Diamond head, the sole is split-weight constructed.

The Triple Diamond Max head is a little more forgiving than the regular Triple Diamond for PGA TOUR players, and players are also finding it easier to hit a draw with it, according to Callaway Tour representative Johnny Wunder.