Pros give their verdict on Callaway Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X balls

Callaway Chrome Tour balls.

Callaway staffers have now had a good chance to get used to their new ball offerings, the Chrome Tour and Chrome Tour X.

Xander Schauffele has used the Chrome Tour since the Sentry and has notched five top-10 finishes so far this season.

Chrome Tour’s Hyper Fast Soft Core, which is based on a tour prototype softer, more penetrating Chrome Soft X, is intended for better players who want to balance soft feel with distance. The Seamless Tour Aero aerodynamic setup is designed for consistency and stability. The urethane coating prioritises feel most notable around the green.

With good numbers in multiple areas of his game the only thing missing for Schauffele this term is a big win.

He is delighted with the Callaway Chrome Tour balls he has been supplied.

“The new golf ball has been amazing,” Schauffele said.

“It checks all the boxes for me. It’s got a very stable flight off the tee. It maintains spin really well on half shots. It’s got great spin and feel around the greens.

“Maybe the most impressive thing about the ball, though, is its stability in the wind. It can be tricky to find a ball that performs so well with every club in the bag, but that’s exactly what Chrome Tour does.”

Min Woo Lee has also put in a consistent shift with his new Chrome Tour X balls, including a second-place finish at the Cognizant Classic in The Palm Beaches.

The Chrome Tour X is Callaway’s fastest golf ball, especially off the driver. Chrome Tour X’s main design is tailored to this goal.

The Seamless Tour Aero aerodynamic package is intended for a more penetrating ball flight. The urethane cover generates the most spin in the TOUR series, exceeding Chrome Soft X’s output in that department.

“The feel is really good,” Lee said. “Around the greens, I’m seeing the right spin and roll out with chip and bunker shots. Everything fit the window, the dispersion is better, and that’s why I’m in it. When I got it on the course it was better in the wind, and the consistency is great.”

Callaway says that this range is built on insights from tour players and it shows.

“When you capture better players’ insights, some of the challenges we encounter is matching up their insights with their test data,” Eric Loper, senior golf ball research & development director at Callaway said.

“There’s always a challenge in the industry to continue to bridge the gap between mechanical testing with what players see out on the course. There’s been a significant effort on our part to bridge that gap and to match our test results with what players are seeing.

“In some of those observations and opportunities, we’ve developed new technologies to address some of their preferences. It really comes down to, every little component of the golf ball needed to be looked at. And in these new golf balls, it’s been a complete overhaul on every component of the golf ball.

“It’s those little details that really matter.”