Groove Equipment Limited (GEL) has appointed Assay Golf as its official UK distributor for its hot new range of GEL Groove Putters.

Groove Equipment Limited (GEL) has appointed Assay Golf as its official UK distributor for its hot new range of GEL Groove Putters.
The innovative use of groove technology and the introduction of unique horizontal grooves into GEL’s colourful new putters have ensured that interest in the range’s six models has been high since the putters were officially launched into the UK market in March.
Additional interest has been stimulated following the testing of the GEL Putter against a number of established putter brands by Quintic Ltd.
The independent consultancy’s findings has proved that GEL’s grooved putter faces produce greater grip with the golf ball at the moment of impact, therefore enhancing a putter’s ability to produce the desired topspin roll on the ball.
“Gradually golfers are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of groove technology on the putting stroke so it is an extremely exciting time to be marketing the GEL Groove Putter range,” said Clive Wood, managing director of London-based Assay Golf.
“I personally have learnt a great deal about groove technology recently and have been impressed with its effect on the performance of a golf ball.
“The GEL putters create more topspin, more quickly, which keeps the ball rolling more truly, and ultimately leads to good putts being better rewarded. Quite simply, I got involved because my friends and I holed more putts using GEL putters”.
GEL putters are all built from 431 stainless steel with a Black Nickel finish. They also have an aluminum putter face insert, which is softer and more responsive than the stainless steel face inserts of other groove putters.
Of the six models in the GEL range, two putters come in ladies specifications and three in left-handed specifications.
The eye-catching clubs, which come in bright blue and yellow WINN grips for men and blue and pink for ladies, have been named after the most sought-after precious stones, namely Ruby, Diamond, Opal, Emerald, Sapphire and Jade. The face inserts are also coloured blue and pink respectively, making the putters look as great as they play.
Whilst GEL took on board advice from touring professionals when developing its putters, it is now looking to encourage them to start playing them on Tour. After all, both men’s and ladies Majors have been won by current users of the new groove-faced putters, including the 2001 and 2004 US Open champion Retief Goosen
The RRP for a GEL Putter is UK£100.