Adidas eyewear has announced the launch of new, golf-specific ‘adivista’ that for the first time, incorporates a a photochromic lens.

Adidas eyewear has announced the launch of new, golf-specific ‘adivista’ that for the first time, incorporates a a photochromic lens.
With protection from the sun’s dangerous rays and other environmental elements, a comfortable, customizable fit, and for the first time, a photochromic lens that makes any light the perfect light, the adivista is essential gear for the golf course.
Designed in collaboration with tour professionals, adivista addresses three challenges faced on the course: Vision, Protection and Fit.
Golfers need distortion-free vision from their eyewear. They need superior protection from hours of sun exposure and resulting eye fatigue. And like all equipment, their eyewear must be comfortable and properly-fit.
“Eyewear is essential golf gear for many reasons,” said Jeff Ravreby, the US brand manager of adidas eyewear.
“The most important reason is for protection from the sun. The adivista provides full protection from UV A, B and C rays as well as blue light ­ thought to be a primary cause of macular degeneration.”
“Golf is meant to be a lifelong activity, yet many golfers fail to protect their game by failing to protect their vision,” explained Rocky Fresh, business manager, adidas eyewear.
“We make eyewear that performs and fits like the best golf equipment so that golfers won’t pass up on this vital protection for their eyes.”
While many golfers, say adidas, accept squinting and eye fatigue as part of playing the game and do not understand how this constant strain affects their eyes. Moreover, many golfers are unaware of how good eyewear can improve their experience.
During a round of golf, players look back and forth between the horizon and their ball hundreds of times. On a sunny day, the light level (measured in lumens) on the horizon is 20x greater than around the ball. Therefore, over the course of 18-holes a player’s eyes have to make thousands of microscopic adjustments ­ leading to eye fatigue, loss of concentration and mistakes. This can cost even the best player strokes.
The key to the adivista is Light Stabilizing Technology (LST).
LST serves the golfer by harmonizing these extreme light levels on the course, allowing the eye and the golfer to remain relaxed throughout their entire shot preparation and swing.
Offered with a LST Vaario lens that rapidly alters lens tint and filter levels according to UV exposure, the adivista helps create better playing conditions for golfers.
“At adidas we believe that there is a perfect light to play golf in,” said Fresh. “By adding the photochromic technology in the new LSTA¤ Vario lens, the adivista can adapt to the changing light conditions that a golfer may encounter over 3-4 hours on the course. With LST Vario, golfers can play in perfect light, even in less than perfect conditions.”
For a custom fit, the adivista incorporates patented technology known as the TRI.FIT system,, which enables athletes 8-degrees of adjustment in the temples to find the optimum position on their face. Additionally, the Double Snap Nose Bridge with traction grip ensures a snug fit and proper placement to avoid slippage.
“Golfers love our patented fit technologies,” relates Ravreby. “I talk to golfers of all levels who tell us that the TRI.FIT temples and Double-Snap Nose Bridge have completely changed what they expect from golf eyewear. Being able to custom-fit your equipment is something that really resonates with golfers.”
adivista adds the benefit of ergonomically-designed temple pieces built to fit under the bill of hats and visors. This eliminates the need to pull the temples outside the hat, and therefore prevents player’s from having to take off their sunglasses to adjust their hat or wipe their brow.
And with the adivista weighing less than an ounce, it’s easy to forget you are wearing them at all.
The collection includes small and large models, offers four different color combinations and is currently available in the stores at a suggested retail prices ranging from $155 to $190 in the US
The major adidas advista features are:
-LSTA¤ VARIO LENS: This breakthrough photochromic sport lens helps deliver perfect light in less than perfect conditions. In low exposure, LSTdLS Vario is a distortion-free category 2 lens filter (73% filtration) providing high-contrast and superb clarity in flat or low-light conditions. In exposure to full sun, LSTdLS Vario activates into a deep, rich category 3 lens (88% filtration) in under 30 seconds. LSTdLS Vario also de-activates in low exposure within two and a half minutes. Throughout this whole range of activation, LSTdLS Vario maintains the superb color contrasts that golfers expect from the LSTdLSGolf lens.
– PROTECTION: On the golf course, sunscreen is a necessity. Most golfers however, are unaware that their eyes are just as vulnerable to harmful UV exposure. Statistics show that by the age of 60, 30% of the population develops some type of vision related impairment. At age 70, this percentage increases to 45%. Golfers are especially prone to sun related damage and therefore need comfortable, constant and complete protection. The adivista features full wrap-around, 100% UV A, B and C protection from the sun, as well as 93% protection from blue light ­ a major contributor to macular degeneration
PERSONALIZED FIT: Frame design in two sizes ensures a close fit that provides maximum protection and optimum range of vision. The adivista offers a new ergonomic temple shape (for a compatible fit with hats and visors) with TRI.FITA¤adjustability and Traction GripA¤. Additionally, the Double-Snap Nose BridgeA¤is adjustable for a custom fit.
EIGHT-BASE DECENTERED VISION ADVANTAGEA¤PC LENSES: Built to provide clear, undistorted views at all angles, the adivista offers a de-centered Vision AdvantageA¤PC wraparound lens that provides crystal clear, accurate vision even on the back swing. Additionally, the lenses are scratch-resistant avoiding marks that would interfere with sight. With a full wraparound view, the adivista protects against harmful UV rays, and also has a secure fit designed to keep eyewear in place.
COMFORT: Weighing approximately 23 grams, it’s easy to forget you are wearing sunglasses! The adivista is built with patented SPX – material for flexibility and stability and Flex ZonesA¤ in the temples to prevent uncomfortable pressure behind the ears.
STYLE: Revamped to provide athletes with a styling that goes beyond the course, the adivista incorporates a more casual sporty frame available in various colors and sizes that suit your personal style.
VISION CORRECTION: For those with prescription glasses, the adivista offers direct in-frame glazing with the breakthrough a745/6 adapter as well as Rx ready Performance InsertsA¤ that easily clip into the nose bridge to comfortably enhance your performance no matter your vision correction needs.
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