‘A utopian setup’ – Pros raving over new range of Titleist drivers

Wyndham Clark

Titleist unveiled its brand new range of drivers ahead of the Memorial at Muirfield – and pro players are already saying this was the release they were waiting for.

The features professionals have been keen on are enhanced club speed, consistent spin, and tight dispersion or forgiveness qualities.

Will Zalatoris says players have been desperate to get their hands on this club since being granted testing opportunities with prototype heads in December.

“I think this is the most that we’ve been begging [Titleist] to put it in our hands as fast as we can. We first tested it I think in early December. I think the part that’s really cool about it is it’s just kind of plug-and-play.

“I have the exact same shaft, the exact same setting. And immediately I’m picking up 1.5 mph ball speed, and that equates to about another 6.5-7 yards of carry. I think the thing that I really noticed when you compare it from my old one, from the TSR to the GT, I think the mishits just get brought in that much more; 4-5 yards out here on Tour in dispersion could be the difference of you being in the fairway and having another birdie look … you miss a fairway and now you’re laying up trying to make par the hard way.

“The feel is amazing. That’s probably the biggest thing that I’ve really picked up from the first time I hit it, it was just this like euphoric, really solid, really fast off the face. I always like the kind of dampened sound and so, I immediately was just like, it felt like an absolute missile. It’s been fun. I’ve had a lot of guys ask me, ‘When you switch clubs, how much testing do you do?’ And literally I’m just like, ‘I took my old shaft, put it in the new head, and saw another 7 yards of carry and 4 yards better left and right.’

“You check the ball speed, my spin stayed the exact same, launch stayed the exact same, but I’m just carrying it farther and it’s straighter. It’s kind of a utopian setup.

“A lot of us out here, there’s only so much that we can do when it comes to (picking up) distance. But a lot of it is when you look at your average distance, it’s not so much about what’s your top end, it’s about how much farther your mishits going and how much straighter are they going.”

Wyndham Clark noted the speed that the club cut through the air with and suggested he would be replacing his TSR3 driver.

“It’s faster [than my previous TSR3 driver]. I felt like I got 2-3 mph more ball speed, which is amazing. And it has really consistent spin, which is obviously huge for what we do out here.”

Lee Hodges said that the club has a slightly dull thumping sensation when making contact with the ball which he feels will be popular with Tour pros.

“This (new GT2) feels a little bit different. It’s a little more of a dull feel off the face, which I feel like is a good thing. And just a little bit faster. But overall, the look and stuff, is basically the same, just a bit more of a muted sound,” Hodges said.

“It has a little different pop off the face, which is more solid and less tingy – more of a muted, dull kind of thump. I don’t know how to describe it, but it feels great. It has maybe a little more ball speed…maybe a 1 mph difference, but it’s just as good as the last one, if not a little bit better. I only tested the (GT2 model), and I’m going straight into it.”