This might just be the perfect solution to film your golf shots from your phone

Pivo Pod Lite

Ever found yourself on the driving range or putting green, directing the phone in the rough direction of where you will soon be practising, hoping to capture yourself in action?

If you have, you’ve almost certainly experienced the frustrations of accidentally filming something else entirely, or maybe just your legs, your left side, or only your head.

It’s back to square one and, before you know it, you’re concentrating more on the business of filming your golf than actually improving it.

But fret no more: the Pivo Pod Lite is a game changer that will allow you to concentrate on your golf and forget all that phone filming faffing about.

In effect, this neat little package is your own personal camera operative.

A small unit onto which you quickly and safely attach your phone, you position it behind your driving bay or alongside the green and then away you go.

The free-to-download app allows your phone to auto-track your face or body, moving effortlessly to ensure that your swing, putt or chip is always centre of the shot. Use the remote control to record or take a photo and away you go.

It’s pure hands-free filming with 360-degree rotation and automatic zoom, giving you the ability to capture dynamic footage.

Pivo Pod Lite

Lightweight and portable, it’s the ideal gadget to transform your practice. The resulting video is high-quality and stable rather than off-camera and wobbly.

The simplicity of it is almost laughable. So much so that it was a winner with not only myself and my practice partner at the range – golfers from other bays were coming over to take a look for themselves.

Once the thrill of being ‘chased’ around by the camera is over the reality of Pivo’s potential becomes obvious.

Not only is it superb at keeping you in the frame (you see what is being filmed on the phone), the remote control allows you to stop and start recording so the footage lacks all the lags before and after filming that is so typical of normal attempts.

In essence, there is less time setting up and less time editing or fast forwarding, more time analysing your progress and unlocking your best golf.

And those elements are even more apparent on a putting or chipping green because the Pivo really comes into its own following you around.

It’s a really tremendous piece of fun and useful kit.

The Pivo Pod Lite Starter Park (including a Pivo Lod Lite and a remote control) retails at £124.99. It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, includes face and body tracking, and is compatible with all tripods. The Pivo+ app is free to download.