Ireland offers the best golf resorts in Europe!

At they love reviews, rankings and statistics.

And they love them even more when they are transparent, honest and based on information provided by you, the golfer. Last February they published their “Best Golf Resorts 2018” rankings. They used their own review data and the reviews of their hotel partner to provide a comprehensive list of the best golf resorts throughout Europe. In those rankings the overall number 1 is Finca Cortesin Hotel Golf & Spa. But they didn’t stop there…

They dug a little deeper into the statistics. They asked themselves, which country offers the most overall quality? Where should you go if you want to drown yourself in luxury and play some of the most phenomenal golf courses in Europe? Portugal? Spain? Turkey? Think again. The recent study shows that it’s Ireland that offers the best overall golf resort quality when looking at the sum of all the ratings!

The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland score so exceptionally high because the average golf club rating (8.4) is the highest of all the countries that were taken into account. Next to this, the average resort rating (9.0) is also the highest together with Turkey. A nice detail, in Leadingcourses’ “The most Bang for your Buck” study, Northern Ireland ended 2nd with an average green fee price of € 34,-. The Republic of Ireland ended up 4th out of the eighteen countries that were taken into consideration.

Best Irish golf resorts in 2018

The following Irish golf resorts make up the top-10. Next to the top-10 Irish ranking, the resorts’ ranking on the “Best golf resorts in Europe in 2018” scale is added. So… What makes Ireland such a special place? In the full article zooms in on Ireland, highlighting the best golf resorts in Ireland in 2018, so both in The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Next to this, the selection criteria is motivated.


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