Masters - R4
Player Score H
B Watson -8 18
J Blixt -5 18
J Spieth -5 18
M Jimenez -4 18
R Fowler -2 18
M Kuchar -2 18
L Westwood -1 18
B Langer Par 18
R McIlroy Par 18
J Walker Par 18

Ping launch G25

Last updated: 4th January 2013


The all-black Ping G25 driver is out

The all-black Ping G25 driver is out

If you are looking to upgrade your driver with something that will help you hit your tee shots longer and straighter than ever before, you can't go wrong with the new Ping G25.

The G25 driver's 460cc head has the largest profile and is the most forgiving metal-wood club Ping have ever made, like Henry Ford's first motor cars, is only available in Ping's new matt black finish and is adjustable, thanks to Ping's aerodynamic adjustable-hosel which enables its owners to optimise their own individual launch conditions.

Ping admit they were slower than some of their rivals, notably TailorMade, to enter the adjustable driver market, but say it was because, before they did, they wanted to be absolutely sure their new driver, and especially its adjustable hosel, would not adversely affect its performance or its appearance - and this, they believe, they have done seamlessly by employing an adjustable hosel with the same mass and diameter as their old fixed hosel..

Using what Ping call their Trajectory Tuning Technology (TTT), you can now add or subtract half a degree of loft to any one of its four lofted heads (8.5, 9.5, 10.5 or 12 degrees).

This amount of adjustability is not especially remarkable when compared with some of their competitors, but they counter this argument by stating that they believe that performance can be compromised when loft is adjusted by more than half a degree either way in terms of what this can do to the club's centre of gravity.

Getting back to the G25's new 'engine', Ping have pointed out that the ultra-thin-crown and aerodynamic design of their new G25 driver range redistributes weight along the perimeter of the club head which. in turn, moves the CG (centre of gravity) farther back and lower than was the case with any previous Ping driver.

This, they say, increases the club's Moment of Inertia (MOI) which not only makes it more forgiving than ever, but also helps increase swing speeds and, with that, the distance the ball can be hit.

None of these changes, however, have come at the expense of feel or sound when the ball is struck..

Ping engineers have ensured these features have been retained by reinforcing the club head's crown, its sole and its skirt.

They have also developed a shaft, the TFC 189D, which is designed specifically for the G25 driver and which is lightweight, has a high-balance point and comes with a new non-glare, charcoal finish to help eliminate reflections, improve alignment and inspired confidence at address.

In launching their impressive new G25 driver range, Ping said "We remain, first and foremost, an engineering company focussed on performance."

And they have been true to their word.

The G25 driver's matt-black finish might seem somewhat dull and old-fashioned when compared to some of the other colourful heads on the market right now, but this also tends to highlight the fact that its manufacturers continue to focus on engineering performance equipment and indeed the G25 does have a much more appealing and virile look about it at address than a good many of its rivals

Some of the G25 driver's facts in nutshell:

- Club head: it is available in the following lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 & 12

- Shafts: Ping TFC 189D (Soft Regular, Regular, Stiff, Tour Stiff, and Tour X-Stiff)

- Suggested retail price in the UK: £299

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