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25-02-2011 13:21

If you were ever unsure about the unpredictable nature of Match Play the first two rounds should have put your mind at rest.

We've seen long and short matches, high and low scores, old and young winners, bombers and plodders, high and low ranked winners, experienced players and rookies progressing and the winners from a host of different nationalities.

Who knows how long a match will last?...
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24-02-2011 10:10

After a lucky nine winners (seven outsiders) and three losers (two favourites) yesterday let's see if lightning can strike twice and have a look at today's 16 second round matches.

The course is long (7,800 yards) and should favour long hitters but at 3,500 feet above sea level it doesn't play that long and accurate players are always difficult to beat as they rarely give a hole away.

In r...
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23-02-2011 00:18

It's great to be back in England and enjoying the usual comforts of home after four weeks on the road - fried breakfast and pints of bitter in the local on a Friday, FA Cup footie and horse racing on a Saturday, roast lamb with red wine and the papers on a Sunday, lobster washed down with Chablis on a Monday and Champions League football and more pints in the local on a Tuesday.

With the Accent...
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16-02-2011 18:17

Some of the best advice I've heard came from Phil Mickelson at the Phoenix Open when Bill Hass was seeking solace after failing to convert a final round lead into victory at Torrey Pines the previous week. Phil said: "Break off your rear view mirror."

In my family it's called "sweep it under the carpet". In our case we're lucky the carpet in question isn't the front door mat otherwise you would...
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10-02-2011 09:57

In his most substantial work, The Task, completed in 1785 the famous English Poet William Cowper coined the now popular phrase "Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour."

Variety is good a thing in many diverse walks of life. I'm not going to mention my favourite as I don't want Women's Groups on my case but golf tournaments is one of them.

The PGA Tour does a pretty...
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03-02-2011 09:07

I'll bet there are a few players at this week's Waste Management Tournament in Phoenix whistling lines from The Mamas and Papas song California Dreamin' wishing they were still at Torrey Pines.

It's usually cold in the desert at this time of the year and the tournament often suffers from frost delays but this year it is literally freezing. The Pro-Am was cancelled on Wednesday and they haven't...
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27-01-2011 09:08

I trust you've been following all the news from Torrey Pines on Twitter and @HarryThePatch in particular. If you haven't joined the social media revolution you should.

Even Tiger decided to twitter instead of practising on Tuesday and inadvertently found himself on the receiving end of some very good natured ribbing from Ian Poulter and co.

My personal favourite was from Lee Westwood as he t...
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26-01-2011 09:34

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19-01-2011 14:21

The 2011 golf season has been slow to start but is certainly in full swing this week. Maybe I'm still suffering from a New Year hangover because I can't remember such a busy week in the world of golf for some time.

So far this week Jose Maria Olazabal has been picked as the next European Ryder Cup Captain, Elliot Saltman has been banned for 'cheating', the late season schedule has come under cr...
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13-01-2011 08:06

How are those New Year Resolutions going? Resolved to give up drinking but still having the odd schlurrp or putting off the exercise till the weather improves?

The problem with resolutions is they are only an intent to do something albeit a strong one. What we really need are strategies not resolutions. With a strategy we can create a system which will enable us to successfully carry out our re...
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